SmartNootropics Premium Stack - What Is It? How Can It Help You?

SmartNootropics Premium Stack is specifically designed to leverage the natural synergy found between many of its ingredients to promote focus, concentration, energy, and memory.

The idea behind this supplement is that by including a number of substances with similar and complementary effects (AKA synergy), the benefits are far greater than just the sum of its parts.  

All in, SmartNootropics Premium stack contains 11 different ingredients, taken in the form of 3 capsules, one to two times per day. The choice of ingredients in the formula was not limited by cost, as only the highest quality ingredients were chosen. This maintains its premium status over many similar products on the market and ensures the benefits of this nootropic stack remain reliable and scientifically valid.

Let’s discuss how some of this synergy can benefit you.

Smart Stack



The main energy-promoting ingredient in the SmartNootropics Premium stack is guarana, which contains the highest natural source of caffeine in the plant kingdom. This plant extract is then combined with L-Theanine, a popular nootropic ingredient proven to improve both the positive effects of caffeine (such as the concentration and energy promoting effects, as well as combat the negative side effects (such as anxiety and jitteriness).


Concentration & Focus

Improving concentration and focus is a key element of most nootropic formulas, the SmartNootropics stack is no different. This formula achieves this through the actions of the adaptogenic and nootropic herbal extracts of bacopa and rhodiola, both of which have shown neuromodulatory abilities through a system known as the HPA axis. This organ system involves the hypothalamus, which is the main regulatory center of all bodily systems. By regulating this crucial brain organ, we can increase our ability to adapt to stress, both physical and mental. This allows us to focus harder, and longer despite exhaustive work or school projects.



Learning & Memory

SmartNootropics includes Alpha-GPC which supplies the brain with a healthy dose of choline. The brain uses this substance to build the main messenger molecule of the brain known as acetylcholine.

Herbal additions within this formula work to prevent the breakdown of this neurotransmitter, allowing it to perform its function for longer, and thus making the system more efficient. The effect of this synergistic interaction can lead to a more efficient memory, without the negative side effects of direct acetylcholine stimulation which can include tremors and nausea. The effects of this can best be described as providing a sense of clarity and sharpness of the mind.

Choline is only one aspect of the acetylcholine molecule. Another key component in acetylcholine production is the acetylated amino acid known as acetylcarnitine. This amino acid first delivers its acetyl group to a very important molecule used for energy production known as acetyl-CoA. This molecule then binds with choline to produce acetylcholine which is used to transmit messages along the nerve cells to other areas of the brain.


Nerve Function

Magnesium is a trace mineral responsible for over 300 different enzyme reactions in the human body including the production and specialisation of nerve cells. Without magnesium it’s impossible to repair damaged nerve cells, which happens naturally as the result of our daily activities.

One of the reasons we feel a headache during a hangover the morning after a night of drinking is that we become deplete in magnesium as our body tries to repair the damage caused by the alcohol. On top of this, magnesium is becoming one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the western world due to soil nutrient depletion, which directly impacts nerve functions and therefore cognition.

Within the SmartNootropics formula we can find 3 additional ingredients with well recorded synergistic effects with magnesium. Vitamin B6 & B12, and Zinc.

Zinc and magnesium often go hand in hand. In fact, zinc is essential for maintaining our DNA, which is what codes for every process in the human body, including the formation of nerve cells, and neurotransmitters. Adequate zinc levels are essential for optimal cognitive health by preventing degeneration of nerve cells.

In order to maximise efficiency, the SmartNootropics Premium stack contains chelated versions of both the zinc (zinc picolinate) and magnesium (magnesium glycinate) which are more bioavailable than other forms of these minerals. Additionally, the inclusion of vitamin B6 increases the absorption of both these minerals. It’s this type of thoughtful synergy that makes the SmartNootropics stack one of the best on the market.




Overall the SmartNootropics Premium stack offers intelligent, thoughtful synergy to provide all around improvements to learning, memory, concentration and focus. This is a must have supplement for anybody looking to get a cognitive edge to improve workflow.




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