D-Mannose Powder

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D-Mannose Powder
D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Powder

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What is D-Mannose?

  • D-Mannose is one of the many natural molecules found within specific fruits - such as, apples and cranberries. Even though antibiotics are at times necessary factors of the treatment process, D-Mannose can naturally reduce your body's dependence on antibiotics and improve your overall quality of life.
  • The average sceptic may think, "I can just drink cranberry juice" whenever they suffer from a bladder or urinary tract infection (UTI's). Science has proven that drinking cranberry juice can provide a substantial amount of support for a healthy urinary tract.
  • Studies have shown that pure D-Mannose powder may help to treat deficiencies caused by genetic defects that lead to the abnormal production and breakdown of mannose. It is formulated to prevent various types of undesirable, infection-causing bacteria from clinging to the walls of a person's urinary tract.

How Can D-Mannose Benefit Me?

Supplementing D-Mannosedaily can:

Ensure an optimal degree of digestive health.

Preserve a healthy and steady flow of intestinal flora.

Support a healthy urinary tract and immune system.

How Much Should I Take?

We recommend taking 1 scoop (1g) of D-Mannose powder, up to two times per day. This should be mixed with approximately 200ml of water before drinking.