Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules

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Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules
Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules Garcinia Cambogia Blend (600mg) Capsules

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What Is Our Garcinia Cambogia Blend?

  • Our Garcinia Cambogia Blend Consists of:
    1. 600 mg Garcinia
    2. 20 mg Zinc (From Picolinate)
    3. 600 mg Guarana (4:1 Extract)
    4. 2500 mg Green Coffee Bean Extract (12:1 Extract)
  • Garcinia is a tropical fruit from Indonesia with a long history of traditional usage for promoting energy and stimulating weight loss. It's rich in sour-tasting molecules known as hydroxycitric acids, some of which have been reported in the scientific literature to support natural weight loss. It works by inhibiting an enzyme that produces fatty acids, therefore reducing the storage of new fat within the body.
  • Green coffee bean extract is included in this formula for its chlorogenic acid content which is thought to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestinal tract. High carbohydrate intake stimulates a process that turns sugars (carbohydrates) into fat. By preventing excess carbohydrate absorption we can further support fat loss throughout the body.
  • The synergy provided in this garcinia supplement offers a multi-faceted approach to supporting weight loss. This allows the formula to be more thorough than products containing just garcinia alone.

How Can Garcinia Cambogia Blend Benefit Me?

Supplementing Garcinia Cambogia Blend daily can:

Aid with weight loss.

Increase energy levels.

Improve results further due to synergy of all active ingredients.

How Much Should I Take?

We recommend you take 2 capsules daily. Due to caffeine content we recommend that this supplement is not taken in the evening.