Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules

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Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules
Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules Maca Root (4000mg) Capsules

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What Is Maca Root?

  • Maca is a root crop from the Peruvian Andes. It's the highest altitude crop in the world, but even more highly valued for its medicinal and nutritional benefits both locally and around the world.
  • Maca is eaten as a food in the regions in which it grows, and as a nutritional supplement for athletic support, cognitive enhancement, hormonal balancing, and to improve libido and fertility outside of Peru. It's considered an adaptogen for its ability to modulate the HPA axis in the brain to better regulate homeostasis and resist the negative effects physical and emotional stress exert on the body.
  • An adaptogen is a class of compounds (or herbs) that increase the bodies general ability to resist and adapt to stressors. They often work by modulating the HPA axis within the brain, which is responsible for controlling various negative feedback loops that work to maintain homeostasis.
  • Adaptogens make this system more responsive so that stressful activities place less strain on the body. This indirectly results in more energy throughout the day, better athletic output, and better health in general.

How Can Maca Root Benefit Me?

Supplementing Maca Root Extract daily can:

Boost energy levels.

Improve our ability to resist and adapt to stress.

Support healthy libido and fertility.

Increase athletic performance.

Support healthy immune function.

How Much Should I Take?

With our 10:1 Maca Root Extract, only 1-2 capsules are needed per day.

It's recommended that it's consumed on a regular basis. Effects generally begin to appear after about 1 week of supplementation and gradually increases from there.